While traveling recently to a national conference, I found myself in an intriguing conversation with an industry colleague. We were discussing some statements I had made about business development and sales.

“Dr. Seuss knew about sales,” she said. I looked at her rather quizzically, so she continued. “Green Eggs and Ham?” I still didn’t get it. “Think about it, Clifford. At the beginning of the story, the prospective customer was adamantly against the product. By the end he was a loyal consumer of it.”

Ah! I get it! I had never considered Dr. Seuss a pioneer in sales training. But I do now. Green Eggs & Ham is indeed a Sales 101 class. We sat and drew parallels from our past experience to Seuss’s resistant and slow adapting character. The resemblance to real events, to real business successes and client conversion, were comically similar.

A week later I received a package from this colleague. Inside was a copy of Green Eggs & Ham with the following inscription from her written inside:

“Enjoy this classic in a new way. Press on until the deal is done.”

What insight! And what a memorable gesture! I will indeed remember this bright woman and the great literary insight she provided. Furthermore, since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I have every intent of buying a stockpile of Green Eggs & Ham to send along to other colleagues… and maybe some prospective customers.

Clifford A. Bailey CEO, Business Development Expert, Professional Speaker

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