“In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result.”
– James Allen

Everyone has a personal measure of success, whether intentional or not. For me, I strive for excellence in my business and personal life. One thing I have learned in my pursuit of success is that in order to get more, to realize your vision and to further your growth, you have to do more.

So many times, when we have a taste of success, we continue to practice the same methods that got us to that point. However, repeatedly using the same approach, in any aspect of life, will not continue to escalate the success that the initial effort brought about. A higher level of effort is required to reach a higher level of success.

The amount of effort it took to reach the first milestone toward a goal is not equal to the amount of effort it will take to reach the next one. If we desire to keep growing, to further success in new and innovative ways, the strength of our efforts must increase as the challenges increase.

This theme remains true across all sorts of endeavors. An athlete that has trained hard to become a champion must train even harder to defend his position. He must continue to improve on his technique because the competition is focused more intently on unseating him.

A student at the top of her class must study more if she seeks to learn more. To ensure a top grade, a strong scholar needs to become more and more disciplined in her studies so she can master increasingly difficult curriculum.

In business, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Even if you are a successful entrepreneur, whatever you have done to achieve today’s success will not earn you tomorrow’s success. You must do more.

Doing more may look different for each individual. If you are seeking to expand your client base, take a risk on a new endeavor that may bring you more exposure. If you are seeking balance in your work and personal life, be intentional about making and keeping firm hours and goals for yourself. Whatever success looks like for you, it is likely to require more effort each day.

Are you struggling with feeling mediocre, in life or in business? Consider your next steps to success. By strategically increasing your efforts today, you are more likely to reach a higher level of success tomorrow.

– Clifford A. Bailey
speaker, CEO, success seeker

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