be more effectiveMost of us desire to grow our businesses, but few of us take the time required to do that intentionally. I gave a speech some time ago on this topic, and every now and then someone will approach me and tell me that the steps they took following that speech really did pay off. So I decided to share here a few simple but profound thoughts from that speech.

Sometimes growing your business just happens. It happens through unsolicited referrals; it happens because of serendipitous good press; it happens because you are offering something that no one else is. But most often, sustainable growth is a result of being intentional. Here are some tips for being intentional in growing your business. Really, it’s all about F.O.C.U.S.

F – Find. This is about research. You need to know who your target audience is, where they are and what their challenges are. Armed with this information, you are a lot more likely to find the type of client you seek.

O – Overcome. Being intentional about growing your business requires that you rise above the daily activities and distractions of your job. You must discern between that which is “urgent” and that which is truly important. You must spend your time where you will have the greatest impact and return.

C – Concentrate. As a leader, you are pulled in countless directions. This requires that you make the most of every minute you have. Shut off the phone and close down your email for periods throughout the day so you can really concentrate on what you need to get accomplished.

U – Use All Available Resources. Once you have identified who your target clients are, take the time to research them. Start on-line, but not just on their web site. Check social media, press mentions, publications, etc. Talk with people at the company about their experiences and challenges there. Learn their internal lingo so that when you are ready to talk with them, you already sound like a member of the team.

S – Schedule Time. Most of us are good at keeping doctors appointments and other time scheduled on our calendar. In this schedule-driven culture, it’s important to remember to schedule time for you – for your work (block out 2-3 hours on your calendar to get that proposal done), for exercise (hit the gym or walk the dog at least 3 times per week; it will lower your stress level and make you more productive) and for time with friends and family (happy, balanced people are more creative and are better problem-solvers). Then guard that time on your calendar as you would any other important appointment.

An approach with FOCUS will allow you to be more effective and intentional in growing your business.

-Clifford A. Bailey
CEO of TechSoft Systems, Effectiveness Expert, Professional Speaker

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