So what is the status of your New Year’s Resolution? In my experience (see Resolutions blog), most resolutions don’t see the second week of January, let alone the second month of the year.

What if, instead, we committed to one thing that could make us more effective? What if we asked, “What one thing can I do this year that will make me more effective than last year?”

An example of this could be committing to arriving 15 minutes early for every meeting. In doing this, you will be less anxious, more prepared, more respectful and more attentive. As a result, you will be more effective with your time surrounding and during the meeting. You would likely be safer, too, because you would be less prone to take risks on the road (including texting, “Running late”) if you have time to spare.

Apply the Early Arrival principal to other aspects of your personal and professional life… by delivering early on projects, proposals and other correspondence. Doing so will defeat any procrastination tendencies and increase the quality and insight of your projects.

More Effectiveness Habits to come… If you would like to share some of your own Effectiveness Habits, please post them in comments below or email me at

Clifford Bailey, effectiveness expert, CEO and professional speaker

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