I am surprised at the number of times I have been approached by people saying that they read all of my blogs. They often thank me for challenging them to think differently. Occasionally someone will ask me, “Do you really take all of your own advice?”

My response? “Putting it in a blog does not demonstrate mastery of these skills. Quite the contrary: It ensures more accountability for me.” Sometimes my own advice is the hardest for me to take, especially when it comes to work-life balance.

That said, I don’t write about anything that I am not actively trying to live. It’s all rooted in truth, which is the team I aim to be on in any game. We all miss the mark from time to time; that’s part of being human. The insights found in wise words help re-ground us when we’ve fallen. Ironically sometimes those words are our own.

I don’t aim to be perfect; there’s only One who can claim that. I aim to be as good as I can be… on most days. Some days I’m simply not up to the challenge, so I am all the more grateful that my Creator gives me a fresh start the next day.

Even on the occasion that I have so completely mastered a principle that it becomes a habit, that’s often only one application of that principle; I still have more aspects of life to apply it to. When I have grown to instinctively apply that principle to benefit myself and others, I have begun to move from lesson learning to lesson learned.

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