Technology is my day job, so I think about it often.  What strikes me is how infrequently most people think about it. We send emails and surf the web, expecting everything to work. And most of the time it does. Back in 1983 when I started TechSoft Systems with some buddies, it was all about hardware and software. Now, it’s all about what we can DO with it all, and that landscape is changing every day.

An out-of-state business partner has questions about next week’s presentation? No problem; just schedule an online meeting and edit the slides together in real time. You finally landed a meeting with that A-Level client? Google them and scour their website (and the websites of their competition) to get an edge. We can even email huge media files instantaneously. This is progress, no doubt. Our networks have streamlined the way we work. Technology has morphed into infrastructure…essential, but out of sight and out of mind.

So what happens when it’s out of order? Nothing! Clients, partners and prospects are unable to reach you. Reports and proposals go unwritten and unsent. Business is undone. When the lights go out, you call the power company. Who do you rely on for your technology infrastructure?

Clifford A. Bailey

P.S.  In future posts, I’ll share some examples of ways my company, TechSoft Systems, has helped customers manage the challenge of maintaining their network.

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