‘Tis the time of year for resolutions. By this time, many of us have already broken the pledges we made New Year’s Eve. Many have already drunk too much, eaten too much, smoked too much, cursed too much, spent too much and tuned in to the reality TV we swore off of.

But before we learn to live (again) with the guilt from having skipped consecutive days at the gym, consider this: What is a resolution, at its heart? We treat them as empty promises even as we make them. We know that there is no accountability, no enforcement; our resolutions are ours alone, right? So if we fail to keep them, what is the harm?

Break down the word, folks. “I resolve to…” Resolve. Resolve is defined as to decide, to bring to an end, to settle; to conclude; to reach a decision. These are not empty words to be exchanged over a glass of champagne on the last night of the year. These are words of finality and purpose, of vision and wisdom and opportunity.

So this year, consider well your resolutions. Think carefully of what you can do to make the coming year better for yourself and for those around you. Then stand tall and firm with resolve. And when you fail (and you will fail; we all do), do not discount the effort altogether; get back on the horse and ride it once more. You are the maker of your destiny, and your destiny is what you make of it.

If you missed out on making your resolution, fear not: the window has not closed. A person can resolve to make a change any day at any moment. Maybe this one is yours.

Get in S.H.A.P.E.™
Clifford A. Bailey

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