Speaking Topics

Get in SHAPE™

Organizational Growth Through Personal Effectiveness

Bailey’s Get in SHAPE™ program, comprised in part by the SHAPES of Effectiveness™, is designed to help individuals and organizations become more effectives in all they do. The program marries personal and organizational development principles, challenges conventional perspectives and decision-making patterns and provides new tools for affecting significant change.

Participants will leave this seminar with:
• A personal definition of success
• A process to obtain success
• Key guiding principles
• A paradigm shift that provides practical, usable tools to support more effective development
• An understanding that personal development is not an abstract, platonic concept – it is a practical activity, with a specific goal in mind.

Emotional Intelligence

Know Thy Self; Know Others

Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence positively impacts your opportunity for success. What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence (EI) is well recognized as one of the key characteristics of strong leaders and successful individuals. It is said that Emotional Intelligence is more critical to one’s success than the IQ. This course is designed to introduce you to the concept of Emotional Intelligence and heighten your awareness of how to increase and enhance your own Emotional Intelligence in order to achieve a higher level of personal and professional success.


Leadership is a Choice, Not a Position

Everyone can lead; it’s how they lead that makes the difference. Mr. Bailey explores different styles of leadership and explains how these styles can be used professionally and personally. This course identifies true leadership strengths and helps reposition weaknesses as advantages. Participants will leave motivated and inspired to become change agent leaders.

Change Management

Make Change Work For You

Exploring and expanding on some of the most powerful change management concepts, Mr. Bailey motivates and inspires individuals to embrace change. Participants will understand how individuals and organizations are going beyond their limiting beliefs to achieve greatness. Mr. Bailey will unravel the myths and provide direction that will move groups to embrace change.

Diversity and the Bottom Line

It’s not just good sense; it’s good business sense.

Annual buying power in the United States exceeded $10 trillion for the first time in 2007. It is projected to be $13 trillion by 2012. What’s particularly relevant is that multicultural markets will account for the lion’s share of that growth. Mr. Bailey understands the effect these statistics have on the bottom line. He goes beyond awareness of diversity to help audiences increase their commitment to action. Mr. Bailey provides a step-by-step approach for using differences to catapult businesses forward. This course is perfect for any organization interested in growing their bottom line while avoiding multicultural missteps. Audiences will leave with a better understanding of diversity and a willingness to try new behaviors.

Economic Development

Improve where you live, work and play

Clifford A. Bailey presents a fresh and inspiring look at harnessing the economic power within to create a thriving and prosperous community. Audiences will learn how the principles of economic development can be interwoven and how maintaining a belief in the importance of Economic Development can in itself inspire economic growth. This presentation is a positive and uplifting approach to improving where you live, work and play.

Maximizing IT Resources

Optimize Performance to Get the Edge

This workshop is for business leaders who want to make the best decisions and have the best chance of success by maximizing their resources in both positive and challenging circumstances. Mr. Bailey shares principles for integrating people, processes and technology while providing motivational insights on Business Management at both strategic and operational levels.