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Feedback from Bailey speaking events…

“Clifford Bailey is an outstanding presenter and motivational speaker. He is one of those guys that connects with the entire audience; builds rapport and then delivers you down a path to a new way of thinking. If you get a chance to see him or are looking to hire him, make it happen.”
– John Morris, President of Ohio Valley ABC, OVCEF, Mid America OSHA

“Life’s journey has many twists and turns, but understanding ‘who is in control’ makes the journey worth traveling. Clifford understands this control and has been a true blessing in my life’s journey and will continue wherever this journey takes me in the years ahead. Clifford always gives his best and more to improve upon a situation and will not quit until the improvement is accomplished. Clifford has the talent, skill, ability and passion to present thought-provoking ideas and intellect to the young and the old. Everyone walks away a better person because of the insight and foresight provided by Clifford. I have been privileged to be a part of events through South Central Ohio Minority Supply Development Council, The Cincinnati US Regional Chamber and other groups where his message helped to change behaviors and improve lives. Clifford, stay on your Life’s Journey for your skills and talents are great and will only get better!”
– Icy L. Williams, President & CEO of ACF Enterprises LLC

“Clifford is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers I have ever known. His presentation style is engaging and dynamic, fact-based and logical. We’ve actually reshaped our business model based on some of the messages I’ve heard Cliff present, and I have heard other Presidents and CEOs make similar comments.”
– Mike Robinson, President of LaVerdad Marketing

“For decades Clifford A. Bailey has been a servant leader working for the good of the entire community. Whether in a corporate, entrepreneurial, academic, non-profit, social service or faith-based setting, he can always be found in a leadership role. Many have the skills to present a tantalizing oracle message that captivates and motivates an audience to think and feel differently…. yet only a few have the skills to impact actual change! Clifford has the unique ability to present, practice and prove what he presents, creating a fully holistic solution. Clifford A. Bailey offers sincerity beyond the speech.”
– Carl Satterwhite, President of RCF Group

“Clifford Bailey is the consummate professional. Always well prepared, he brings an enthusiasm and passion to his subject few can duplicate. He has the ability not only to deliver an address but, when appropriate, to engage the audience into the actual presentation. His ability to motivate and captivate those present is matched by only the very best.”
– Joe Ahern, Former Dean of the Business Division at the College of Mount St. Joseph

“Without question, Mr. Clifford Bailey is one of the truly gifted motivational speakers of our generation. It has been my good fortune to hear him speak on many occasions, and his message is always clear, concise, and powerfully communicated. He is fearless in front of the room, relentless in the conveyance of his message, and always in sync with his audience. Mr. Bailey is a gifted storyteller, and his is the rare talent that speaks from both the mind and the heart and captures the imagination of the listener.”
– Charles H. Matthews, PhD
Professor and Executive Director of Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research
University of Cincinnati

“Mr. Bailey presents a very different, new and better approach/solution to an old problem. He put me on the right track.”
– Alex Alvarez

“This presentation has helped me get my game plan together to develop myself.”
– Ben Parks

“Very interesting.  Very animated.  Great facial expressions.  Great tones in his voice. Clifford Bailey helped me see that I am going to the top.  His speech added value to what I believe.”
– Valerie Walker

“I plan to use this at the office and with all of my employees.”
– Marilyn Barlow